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 FX405 Low Level Laser Treatment

We were told that using Erchonia’s Low Level Lasers in our offices along with the chiropractic care would revolutionize our practice. It is true. We began using Low Level Lasers in the offices in 2020 when we purchased two EVRL (Erchonia Violet Red Lasers). Within 6 months, we chose to upgrade one of our hand-held devices to the Erchonia FX405 laser. The FX405 is a stand laser with 4 diodes which move on a robotic rotation eliminating the need to hold the laser during treatments. Additionally, the FX405 is a more powerful laser which makes bigger changes for patients who choose this amazing treatment. 

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a specialized light treatment. The light emitted from these lasers penetrate up to 3 inches into the body and cause a photochemical response within the nucleus of the cells promoting healing. This response is called photobiomodulation which means that the laser’s light is modulating the function of the cell. Think about it like a group of cells in the body that are fatigued or sluggish in function. When they are affected by the light from the lasers, the mitochondria in the cell nucleus increases function. This encourages the biological production of cellular energy called ATP. When the cellular function increases as stimulated by the laser treatment, the tissues are revitalized. They begin to work properly and are energized helping to accelerate wound healing, encourage tissue regeneration, increase circulation, reduce inflammation and decrease pain. 

Both the EVRL and the FX405 models contain red and violet lasers. Erchonia’s research has found that 635nm red lasers are the ‘therapeutic sweet spot’ for treatment of pain and inflammation. The red lasers are used to treat any cell in the body. We have had the privilege to do laser treatments on patients with many conditions including those with musculoskeletal conditions such as neck and back pain as well as those with nerve pain, headache, plantar fasciitis, trauma and injury, concussions, and surgical scars. The violet lasers are 405nm lasers. These specific violet lasers have been found to inactivate microorganisms. Erchonia’s violet laser has been proven as an effective antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal treatment. Conditions such as acne, herpes, strep throat, sinus infections, fungus, bug and animal bites, lyme affected joints, eczema, shingles,and scars have successfully been treated with 405mn lasers.The combination of the red and the violet lasers is the home run of low level laser therapy incorporating treatment of pain and inflammation with that of inactivation of microorganisms. 

Erchonia’s EVRL and FX405 lasers have no negative side effects since they are low level, cold lasers. Because the lasers have no harmful side effects, they can be used over areas of the body which, in the past, we had very little ability to treat simply by stimulating the body to work efficiently. An example of this would be surgically replaced joints which are painful, inflamed or injured. Laser treatments can decrease pain and decrease inflammation and in doing so help to increase and restore motion. We have seen terrific changes in post-surgical scars using both lasers. Healing times decrease and pain is alleviated with Erchonia laser treatments.

Some patients report that they can feel the laser treatment. The most common report is the feeling of waves of movement in the area of the body being treated. This is not painful. Others say that they feel a cold or a warm sensation in the treatment area as the cellular energy increases. When treating the brain, patients frequently report feelings of calm relaxation. Others experience energy movement throughout the body as the control center is being revitalized.


Many patients can feel changes in their conditions after the first treatment with the EVRL and the FX405 lasers. New injuries or acute conditions respond quickly to the photochemical treatments. We have had the opportunity to treat athletes with sprain/strain injuries and have seen fast changes in pain, inflammation, and tissue repair. Those with more longstanding problems can expect to require more laser treatments to see changes. Generally within 6-10 ten minute treatments, patients with chronic conditions are seeing improvement. 

Erchonia is the first low level laser company to have FDA Clearances with Level One Studies which are the Gold Standards of Research. They currently have 17 FDA Clearances and are working on studies supporting laser treatment for Alzheimers, Autism, Psoriasis, Diabetic Neuropathy, Parkinson’s Disease and more. We are very excited with the opportunities we have to use the EVRL and FX405 in our practices and anticipate adding additional Erchonia lasers in the future.

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